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added 9 February 2008

UK: Miss Moon


USA: Yo's Cross Stitch




Canada: Christmas Cross Stitch


USA: Laughing Moose Design Works


USA: Stitchopedia


UK: Angel Luke Designs


Canada: Criss-Cross Design Broderie

added 10 February 2008

South Africa: Chartwork South Africa


Philippines: Golden Light Designs


Turkey: SEBA Designs


USA: Acerca del bordado


USA: D's Stitchery and More


UK: Cottage Needlecrafts


UK: Jaclyn's Crafts

added 11 February 2008

Canada: Daisy Stitches


UK: Pix Stitch


Netherlands: Embroidery & Embroider


UK: Silverdale Designs


UK: Yiotas-XStitch


France: Un Chemin de Petites Croix


UK: Cross Stitch The World

added 12 February 2008

USA: Needlework Designs on Demand


Italy: Fantasymeg


USA: Stab and Stash


Croatia: Helga Mandl Designs


Canada: Moonlight Inspirations


Singapore: The Art of Cross Stitch


Slovakia: Prita Cross Stitch


UK: Arts Crafts Hobbies & DIY


UK: Lemontree Stitchery




New Zealand: Jannz Hand Crafts

added 13 February 2008

UK: Wimble Bees Needlecraft


UK: Lifetime Samplers

added 16 February 2008

Italy: Orsi & Crocette


Spain: Bordando Freebies


Netherlands: Handwerk Kraam


Spain: El Rincon del Punto Cruz


Germany: Mausimom's Freebies

added 17 February 2008

USA: Do It 101 [Crafts]


USA: Dark Lilac

added 18 February 2008

Turkey: Patterns by Pelin Tezer


Thailand: Sampler Cove Designs


Italy: LaGattaC

added 21 February 2008

Canada: Charland Designs

added 14 March 2008

Germany: JB-Cross-Design

added 25 March 2008

UK: Cross Stitch Designs

added 26 March 2008

UK: Busy Lizzie Crafts


UK: Cross Stitch Needle Shop

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