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Featured Site - Sept/Oct 2006

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All about Biscornu Making!

During my web-surfing I found a link to a forum where somebody had used one of my
free geometric designs to make a biscornu - also known as an 8-sided pillow or
pincushion. Unfortunately I forgot to save the link, but I am really fascinated
by these unusual little cushions. So for this month's feature, here are some links to
a few sites where you can take a peek into this fascinating subject.

Finishing School - Alternative Finishes for Needlework
formerly the Little House Finishing School. Great site with some lovely project ideas.

Finishing School - Biscornu Class
this link takes you straight to the Biscornu class at the Finishing School. Lovely pictorial step-by-step guide to making a biscornu. I love it! Also links to Mary Kathryn's blog which is well worth a visit!

Camille's Place
more terrific blogging from Australia, and another example of biscornu making.

Le Biscornu - La lešon de couture de Julie
(instructions in French) and also Il Biscornou - La lezione di cucito di Julie - instructions in Italian.
beautiful demo of how to make a biscornu. The instructions are in french or italian, but the images are so good, it's easy to follow the process.

I am in the process of sewing up one of my designs, and I'll post
a picture here as soon as I have it completed.

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