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Charts are pdf files. Either left click on the link to open a new browser, then save or print the image from there; or right click and save the target to your hard drive. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view pdf files.

You are free to sew any of these designs with any colour scheme that you wish! And now for the 'grumbly' bit........ you cannot pretend that you designed any of the freebie charts, you are not free to distribute any of the designs in any way, and you may not sell any of them as a pattern or in kit form...that's about it, I think.

If you download any of my free charts, I would appreciate a vote
at Top Free Cross Stitch Sites in return. Many thanks!


67 x 65 stitches
(12.2 x 11.8cms at 14ct)

PDF files
Christmas Angel Chart 56KB

Christmas Card

37 x 37 stitches
(6.7 x 6.7cms at 14ct)

PDF files
Patchwork Pudding Chart 44KB

Christmas Card

34 x 34 stitches
(6.2 x 6.2cms at 14ct)

PDF files
Patchwork Santa Chart 36KB


70 x 64 stitches
(12.7 x 11.6cms at 14ct)

PDF files
Chart with Grid 23KB
Chart no Grid 45KB
Chart both Images 58KB


110 x 110 stitches
(20 x 20cms at 14ct)

2006 Blue Sampler

PDF files
Chart Blocks 37KB
Chart B/W Symbols 43KB
Alphabet 17KB

(Mar 2006)

52 x 52 stitches
(9.4 x 9.4cms at 14ct)average

Hearts & Flowers  Kaleidoscope
Paperchain  Tudor
Thistle  Hearts

PDF files
Hearts & Flowers 41KB
Kaleidoscope 41KB
Paperchain 40KB
Tudor 39KB
Thistle 39KB
Hearts 38KB

HARRY BEAR (Apr 2006)

82 x 82 stitches
(14.9 x 14.9cms at 14ct)

Harry Bear

PDF files
Harry Symbols top 62kb
Harry Symbols bottom 63kb
Harry Symbols key 26kb
Harry Symbols colour blocks 57kb

LI'L ROOSTER (May 2006)

70 x 93 stitches
(12.7 x 16.9cms at 14ct)

Li'l Rooster

PDF files
Rooster B&W Symbols 58kb
Rooster Colour Symbols 59kb

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