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Great Software from CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup Software

Now I know this is not a cross-stitch site, but I make no apologies for introducing you to these guys! (After all...this site would not exist if not for the software used to develop it!) When I first decided to try my hand at web design around 10 years ago, I bought some off-the-shelf software plus a couple of moron's guides to HTML and set to work. I made millions of mistakes, got annoyed and frustrated, but eventually began to get to grips with what I was doing.

In no time at all my off-the-shelf software was completely out of date (and they wanted almost the same amount of money again to upgrade) - ditto for the books that I had bought too. So being a little more knowledgeable than the first time around, I went in search of something new......I discovered CoffeeCup and my life (and my websites) changed overnight - when I downloaded my first ever version of CoffeeCup's HTML Editor. Now this all may sound just a bit 'geeky' or maybe you think I should just get a life, but I really do enjoy building websites, so anything that makes it a more painfree experience has just got to be raved about!

The things I really like:

  • It's real easy to use - even if you know nothing about web design - even my 13 year old has built her own site with this software

  • You only pay for it once - but you get upgrades forever - what a totally cool idea!

  • You can learn as you use this software - take the easy route with a visual editor, or get heavily into writing your own code - either way, you can get support from help files, online or directly from those nice guys at CC

Well...I still have a lot to learn, but I've also come a long way too, so if you have always yearned to build your own site but didn't believe you had the 'nous' (as we say in Yorkshire) to do it...then I whole-heartedly recommend that you surf on down to CoffeeCup, download yourself a demo version and check it out for yourself. The software just speaks for itself!

CoffeeCup Web Design Software

Did I also mention that Nick (he's the big boss man at CoffeeCup..and we are on first name terms!!) made me his personal ambassador??.....actually, to be more specific, me and a few thousand other people too.....and yes, well...everybody knows he's called Nick...not just me...but those guys really make you feel like you are their most important customer...I just really love that!

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