Featured Site - March 2006

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This month features a whole collection of sites out there - it's the turn of that dedicated bunch of enthusiasts known as the 'Cross-Stitch Bloggers' The reason I have picked this out is two-fold. Firstly - I just love reading blogs - I like to 'listen' to people, learn about their thoughts and their lives (and it satisfies my incredibly 'nosey' personality!) And secondly - it's about cross stitch which satisfies the obsessional side of my personality!

Stitching Bloggers by AngelSan

I came across San's webring after visiting her own site at AngelSan Creation. It has an incredible 156 blog sites in the ring, and the majority of them are active members. I am working my way through them all!

AngelSan Creation

You may also like to visit San's site - AngelSan Creation - 'life through the eyes of a stitcher', and read the blog too - truly fabulous! Your dedication is inspirational San - I am incredibly impressed!

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